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Articulation and Motor Speech


The way we pronounce words has a significant impact on our success as communicators. The way we sound affects not only how well we are understood, but our listeners' perceptions as well as our self confidence.  At Bowden Voice & Speech we offer articulation and motor speech therapy to children and adults.

When should I see a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

My child...

  • is 18 months old and not yet making at least 4 consonant sounds 

  • is 24 months old and not yet understood by unfamiliar people at least 50% of the time

  • is 3 years old and leaving out sounds at the beginning and ends of words 

  • older than 24 months and not yet forming words and sound easily 

*Different speech sounds are expected to be heard accurately at different ages. If you have concerns about specific sound productions please ask us. 

I am...

  • aware of differences in the way I make certain speech sounds and I want to gain control over my ability to make these sounds in the way I choose

  • self conscious about the way I speak to friends and colleagues

  • having trouble being understood in personal and professional situations 

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