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The scope of Speech-Language Pathologists is extensive and growing. Below are the most frequently requested services at Bowden Voice & Speech.
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From our first words, understanding and using language define so much of what it means to be human. Early identification and treatment of language delay in children has been shown to significantly impact a child's communication, reading and self-confidence as they grow.time and effort into advancing my medical practice and techniques. Get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.


The way we pronounce words has a significant impact on our success as communicators. The way we sound affects not only how well we are understood, but our listeners' perceptions as well as our self confidence.  At Bowden Voice & Speech we offer articulation and motor speech therapy to children and adults.


Humans' ability to communicate using the vibrations of two tiny vocal folds is one of our most unique abilities. Our voices define so much of our personalities and in turn tell others a great deal about us. As such, vocal change impacts much more than just the sound a person makes. Voice therapy aims to restore a person's ability to use the voice they feel defines them. 


This service is for individuals whose work depends in the reliability and quality of their voices. 
An SLP can improve the flexibility, range, volume and stamina of your voice. This service is appropriate both independently and in coordination with singing teachers/vocal coaches. 
An SLP can help professional voice users develop stronger presentation skills with regards to non-verbal communication, articulation, and accent modification (creation or reduction).


Gone are the days of the expert speech-language pathologist treating a child for one hour a week while the parents sit in the waiting room, completely in the dark about how to help their child. And we couldn't be more thrilled! At Bowden Voice & Speech, we see families as the primary "therapists" to their children. As such, we are committed to training parents and caregivers to help their children develop their language and communication skills in the home environment. 


At the heart of every human conversation is the desire to interact in some way with another person. The reason why we communicate with others is the underpinning for all written, spoken and signed languages. 

Social communication difficulties refer to gaps in the ability to interact with others. SLPs are skilled in identifying these gaps and helping children and adults to learn and develop these abilities. 

Group Therapy 


In order to best meet the needs of our clients, Bowden Voice & Speech periodically offers group therapy sessions. The targets of these groups may include social communication, language development, vocal health as well as a variety of other goals. 


In addition to the services above, Bowden Voice & Speech provides an array of speech, language and communication related assessment and therapy.  

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