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Group Therapy


In addition to our individual therapy services, Bowden Voice & Speech is proud to offer group therapy. We develop and offer groups based on the needs and interest of our clients in order to continue to meet individual goals in a group setting. 


Spring 2018 group offerings:  



ComMusicate offers a unique blend of music and speech-language therapy with the goal of developing early language and social communication skills. The 10-week program includes songs and activities chosen to meet the participants' speech, language and interaction goals. 

Is ComMusicate the right group for my child? 

  • ComMusicate was developed for preschool children between the ages of 2.5 and 5 years of age

  • Level 1 is for children with few to no words and / or minimal interaction skills

  • Level 2 is for children who use single words or gestures and some two word combinations and who interact to make requests (at minimum). 

  • A love of music and movement is a great place to start with this program. 


Social Communication Groups

Learning to play and interact with peers is a crucial step in the social communication development of children. By participating in social communication groups, children and their parents have the opportunity to identify social strengths and areas of growth and to practice interaction skills. 


This spring, Bowden Voice & Speech will be offering two Social Communication Groups, depending on a child's unique needs.

Social Communication Group 1:

  • For children who have mild language delays or typical language skills

  • Targets conversations skills with adults and peers 

  • Promotes socio-dramatic pretend play with adults and peers

  • Develops early stages of theory of mind 

  • Includes both parent coaching and direct therapy 

  • Based on Talkability, The Hanen Centre's program for verbal children on the Autism Spectrum

Social Communication Group 2: 

  • For children with typical language skills

  • Targets social competency development within each child through peer interaction

  • Follows the "We Thinkers" curriculum developed by Ryan Hendrix, Kari Zweber Palmer, Nancy Tarshis, and Michelle Garcia Winner of Social Thinking  

Contact us for more information about group schedule and to register

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