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Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task. Below are the answers to some common questions asked by our clients.

What Can I Expect at My First Visit?

During your first visit you will have a chance to discuss your concerns and goals with your therapist while you review intake documents.

You will then complete an assessment using both formal and informal tools.

Finally, you will discuss the results of the assessment and recommendations to arrive at a plan for meeting your therapy goals.

Following your first visit you will be provided with a written summary of the assessment and goals for therapy. Should a more detailed report be requested, an additional fee will be required. These documents will be provided to you either at the following therapy session, or by mail at your request.

What Can I Expect During Therapy Sessions?

Therapy may occur at your home, daycare, private school, or office. Together with your therapist you will set a therapy time.

Parents are expected to attend and participate in activities with the clinician and child. This is to maximize the impact of therapy on the child outside of sessions.

Home programming will be provided to you after every session, again to maximize the impact of therapy. It is the client/family’s responsibility to ensure home programming is completed.

How Long are Sessions? How Often do they Occur? How Many do I Need?

Assessment sessions are between 60-90 minutes of direct assessment and discussion of results.


Therapy sessions include 45-50 minutes of direct therapy and 10-15 minutes of discussion regarding home programming and next steps.
Typically, therapy sessions occur on a weekly basis, depending on your needs and goals.

Following your initial assessment, short term goals will be set. These goals are designed to be targeted for 6-10 therapy sessions. At the end of these sessions your clinician will discuss the goals and progress with you to determine the appropriate next steps (e.g. continuing with current goals, setting new goals, taking a break, ending therapy etc.).

What are the Costs?

The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA) regularly publishes recommended rates for private therapy in Ontario.


Bowden Voice and Speech takes pride in following these guidelines. For specific rate information, contact us.

Can I Use My Insurance to Cover Therapy Costs?

Many personal insurance providers do cover some or all of the cost of speech therapy. Check with your insurance provider to determine what documentation is needed to access this funding.


Bowden Voice and Speech is willing to provide necessary documentation to insurance providers for our clients.

What Area do you Service?

Currently, Bowden Voice & Speech provides service in the city of Toronto to clients living between Yonge Street and Warden Avenue, from the 401 to the water.


If you are outside of this area, feel free to contact us regardless and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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