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Parent Coaching

Family At Church

Gone are the days of the expert speech-language pathologist treating a child for one hour a week while the parents sit in the waiting room, completely in the dark about how to help their child. And we couldn't be more thrilled! At Bowden Voice & Speech, we see families as the primary "therapists" to their children. As such, we are committed to training parents and caregivers to help their children develop their language and communication skills in the home environment. 

What does parent coaching look like? 

  • The SLP teaching parents specific strategies to use at home

  • Parents developing specific plans to use these strategies with the guidance of the SLP

  • Parents practicing their plans with the child and receiving online and video feedback from the SLP 

Current research related to language skill development in young children has found that parent coaching is the most effective therapy approach available. Parent coaching is also being used to address social skill development, articulation, and fluency skills. 

At Bowden Voice & Speech, parent coaching is an integral part of our services and is generally recommended as the first therapy target to preschool children. 

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