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Professional Voice Support

Lone Microphone

Singers, actors, teachers, presenters, business leaders, lend us your ears (and eyes)! This service is for individuals whose work depends in the reliability and quality of their voices. 

Training in the structure and function of the vocal instrument with an SLP can improve the flexibility, range, volume and stamina of your voice. This service is appropriate both independently and in coordination with singing teachers/vocal coaches. 

Beyond the function of the voice itself, an SLP can help professional voice users develop stronger presentation skills with regards to non-verbal communication, articulation, and accent modification (creation or reduction). 

When should I see a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

I am...

  • interested in expanding my vocal range and flexibility

  • looking for ways to extend my vocal skills

  • seeking to increase my marketability in my professional field 

  • nervous about making professional presentations because of my communication 

Do you think making a change to your communication can make a difference to your professional life? We do and we are excited to help you on your journey. 

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