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Social Communication

Kids Stacking Blocks

At the heart of every human conversation is the desire to interact in some way with another person. The reason why we communicate with others is the underpinning for all written, spoken and signed languages. 

Social communication difficulties refer to gaps in the ability to interact with others. SLPs are skilled in identifying these gaps and helping children and adults to learn and develop these abilities. 

When should I see a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

My child is 18 months or older and does not yet...

  • make eye contact or makes eye contact infrequently 

  • look at objects or people across the room when I point to them

  • respond when I call their name

  • point to objects to ask for them

  • show me interesting things by pointing them out or bringing them to me 

  • smile at me while looking at me 

  • look at me to see if I am watching them

  • try to imitate my actions or words 

*These descriptors are meant as a guideline for parents of preschool children and do not describe a comprehensive list of social communication difficulties. If you have any concerns with your child's ability to interact with you or with other children please contact us.  

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