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Understanding and Using Language

Stacking Blocks

From our first words, understanding and using language define so much of what it means to be human. Early identification and treatment of language delay in children has been shown to significantly impact a child's communication, reading and self-confidence as they grow.

When should I see a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

My child is 18 months and...

  • Not yet using at least 20 words consistently

  • Not yet following simple directions 

  • Not yet identifying at least 2 body parts 

  • Not yet responding to simple questions

  • Not yet pointing to objects or pictures when I name them

My child is 24 months and...

  • Not yet using about 100 words

  • Not yet combining 2 or more words into phrases

  • Not yet following directions with two steps

  • Not yet using simple pronouns (I, you, me) 

My child is 36 months and...

  • Not yet speaking in sentences

  • Not yet using simple grammar markers

  • Not yet telling simple stories

  • Not yet understanding questions with What, Where, When, Why, and Who

*For children older than 3 years, please contact us to discuss your concerns. 

This list is meant as a guideline for families, rather than a complete description of expected language development at specific ages. If you have concerns regarding your child's language that are not described in this list, please contact us. 

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